Adults 21 and older should be free to make their own decisions about the legal and regulated products they buy—like tobacco and alcohol. We empower our members to speak out and defend their freedoms as adult consumers.

We stand for:

Reasonable Regulation

Being an adult 21 or older means you get to make choices for yourself, including what legal products you buy.

It’s important that the sale of alcohol and tobacco are regulated by the government, especially to enforce laws against selling these products to minors.

But regulations should be reasonable, not extreme.  Regulations that go too far can turn into adult prohibition and criminalize once legal products for adults– leading to increased crime and underground markets filled with unregulated bootleg products.

A better approach is to give adult consumers the information they need to make the best choices for themselves. Reasonable regulation should empower adults, not limit their choices.

Underage Prevention

Alcohol and tobacco should only be available to adults age 21 and older. That’s why we support strong minimum age laws and strict enforcement where these products are sold.  Retailers, manufacturers and government should all work together to stop underage access to products meant for adults.

What about Flavor Bans?

We oppose legislative bans that take away regulated flavored products from adults 21 and older.  While regulators should make science-based decisions on the flavor varieties sold, adults should be able to make their own decisions about which flavored varieties of tobacco and alcohol they buy.

We support laws that stop kids from getting access to alcohol and tobacco.  But total flavor bans on adults don’t make these products go away– they just drive the marketplace underground, which means more crime and less consumer protection.

What about Sales Bans?

We oppose legislation that tries to control adult behavior by prohibiting retail stores from selling legal products to adults.

Sales bans create illegal, underground markets that can hurt our communities. Perhaps the most well-known example of a total sales ban—Prohibition—was a total failure.  It created a huge underground market with more crime and less consumer protection.

Fair Taxation

Excessive product taxes that single out some adult consumers, to pay for government programs that benefit everyone, are unfair.

We oppose excessive product tax increases that:

  • Are unfair to adult consumers 21 and older
  • Severely limit adult choices
  • Create illegal markets
  • Hurt law-abiding businesses in our communities
  • Place an unequal burden on working people
  • Unfairly force consumers to pay to solve states’ budget problems

As product taxes increase, so do the prices of the products you buy. Criminal organizations take advantage of these higher costs by selling smuggled or counterfeit products for their own financial gain. These underground markets increase crime in our communities, decrease government tax revenue, and hurt honest, law-abiding businesses.

Harm Reduction

Extreme regulation and taxation can take away product options from adults looking for them, and that’s just not fair.

When it comes to tobacco, many adult tobacco consumers are looking for reduced-harm options. In fact, more than half of adult smokers are interested in less harmful alternatives to cigarettes (FDA’s PATH Study).

To preserve options for adults, the FDA should provide accurate information about products scientifically shown to be less harmful.

Job Security

We should all have the right to earn a living to the best of our ability. Challenging anyone’s right to work for using a legal product is just unfair.

Firing or refusing to hire someone because they use a legal product at home, on their own time, is a form of discrimination.

Instead of punishing or refusing to hire adults for using legal products, employers should encourage healthy behaviors among their workforce.